Message 'Error getting form list' after selecting 'Get blank forms'

The most likely explanation for this problem is that you have a small typo in the URL you entered into the settings. Another possible explanation is that your phone wasn't connected to the Internet when you selected Get blank forms, for example when you are connected to a WiFi network in a public place that requires you to sign in through your browser. This article discusses in greater detail how to connect your device with your account.

Error: Generic Exception: No peer certificate or Form listing failed. Error:

This error appears when KoBoCollect tries to communicate with the server but can't establish a secure (SSL/HTTPS) connection. In 99.99% of cases this means that your device is using the wrong date. Check that the date is correct, then try again.
Android devices reset their dates to 2000 or another year if ever the battery goes to 0%, which is why this error can appear frequently if your team has a tendency to drain the battery all the way.

You may also see this error message if you are using a WiFi hotspot that requires you to sign in after connecting. 

KoBoCollect has crashed

This error is common if your device has a significant interruption in its Internet connection while you're trying to upload submissions or download a new form. Although it sounds alarming, it is harmless: Simply repeat the upload or download process.

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