Skip logic is also sometimes referred to as 'branching' or 'relevant conditions'. By default, all questions are always visible. Skip logic controls which question should be displayed only if a certain condition is (or multiple conditions are) fulfilled. Conditions are always applied to the question or group that should be sometimes hidden, sometimes visible. (This is important, as many paper surveys approach the problem from the other direction, writing things like "If yes, go to question 35".)

Conditions can be added to each question by clicking on Settings inside the question card, then Skip Logic. There are two ways to add a skip logic condition:

  • Add a condition: Use the skip logic wizard to help you build your conditions (recommended)
  • Manually enter your skip logic in XLSForm code: Use the XLSForm syntax to build advanced conditions


Q1: Are you currently in school?
 Q2: Which grade are you in?

You would want to display the second question only if the respondent answers 'Yes' to the first question. The correct skip logic condition should display: Q1: Are you currently in school? = Yes

You can delete skip logic conditions by clicking on the trash can symbol.

To add multiple conditions, add your first one, then click on the 'Add a condition' button. When using two or more conditions, be sure to choose between the two options whether the question should match any (at least one) of these criteria, or all of them.

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