Opening and Saving forms in KoBoForm 1.0

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2014 09:43AM EDT

KoBoForm 1.0 uses Java in its software, including for opening and saving forms to your local hard drive. Unfortunately some browsers and operating systems have very strict security settings, which may make it difficult for you to open and save your forms.

If you are unable to Save a file directly from KoBoForm from your hard drive (or Open a file that you had previously saved to your hard drive), please follow these instructions. 

Note: It is not absolutely necessary to follow these instructions to open or save forms since there is a workaround to using Java: you can also save your forms by copy-pasting the form text between KoBoForm and an external program for editing XML files. Click here to learn about the workaround.

To install Java and use it correctly, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of Java. Most likely you already have Java installed, as it is used by many websites. (Note that Mac OS doesn't allow using Chrome with Java 7, see here. In this case please use Firefox or Safari in order to work with the latest Java version and to follow these instructions.)  
  2. After installing your browser might require you to enable Java separately. Visit Java's verification page and go through their prompts to do this. If Java has installed correctly, you'll see a message like this:
  3. Now, go to the Java Control Panel on your computer (where?). Then click on the Security tab.
  4. Click on 'Edit Site List' and add to the list
  5. Click Add > Continue > OK > OK
  6. Now visit KoBoForm. You can now open from and save to your local computer.
  7. When you try to save a form to your computer, you will see a Java warning window. Just click 'I accept...' and then click on Run.

You will be able to access the Form builder using your web browser viewing your local file system.  See the Getting Started tutorial in the User Guide for more detailed help.

Workaround for the Java requirement: Copy-paste the form text between KoBoForm and a text editor

This option will always work. It's a workaround if saving (or opening) directly is giving you trouble.

To save a form from KoBoForm to an external XML file:

  1. Click 'View Form Text' in KoBoForm, select all the form text (CTRL+A or CMD+A), then copy the entire code (CTRL+C or CMD+C)
  2. Open a text editor and paste the code into it. (On Windows you can use Notepad; an alternative that is more powerful and works on any platform would be the free Notepad++. On Mac OS you could use Komodo Edit or Fraise.)
  3. After pasting your code you need to save the file as XML (not TXT, which is the default). The final file should end in .xml.

To open a form from an existing XML file:

  1. Open your XML form file in a text editor (see above for suggestions on which software to use)
  2. Select all the form text (CTRL+A or CMD+A), then copy the entire code (CTRL+C or CMD+C)
  3. Open KoBoForm and choose 'Load from text' in the menu
  4. Paste your text into the window that opened up, then click 'Open Pasted Text' above



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