Warning: Installing KoBoToolbox on your own server requires advanced server administration and programming skills. Please understand that you shouldn't use this in a critical environment without having the technical resources in place to troubleshoot if needed. Consider installing KoBo on your local computer instead with these instructions.

All of the components of KoBoToolbox can be installed on your own servers. KoBoToolbox is free and open source, and our code can be found on GitHub.

We have created a simplified process using Docker, which can be found here. This is currently only supported on Linux machines.

The specific components are:

  • kpi - for creating survey projects, forms, and new UI for accessing data
  • kobocat - for receiving and storing data submissions
  • enketo-express - html5 survey previewer / player / editor

We recommend installing the software first on a local machine using the Docker installation process listed above.

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