Once you click the Deploy button, your form will be live and data collection can begin.

How to deploy a form as a new survey project:

You can edit your form as many times as you like by clicking on the pencil icon, which takes you to the form builder, or by downloading the XLS form and reuploading it after you make the needed changes. 

Redeploying your form

The introduction of the form history functionality has eliminated the need to make numerous clones of your project for testing purposes. Now you can save and deploy your project, make edits, and then redeploy your form to make the changes live - as many times as you like. 

You will be prompted to redeploy your form when you have made changes to your form that are not yet public.

After redeploying your form to make the changes live, you will then have access to the previous versions of your form, which can be cloned to create new projects.

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