The Excel Data Analyser was developed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). It allows to rapidly analyze data collected through KoBoToolbox in Excel - using the labels included in the form (including multiple languages) and featuring many kinds of analysis tools for Select One, Select Multiple, Integer, Text, and other questions types.

User Guide

A full documentation of the tool is available from OCHA on the Humanitarian Response website here, in English or French.


Normally, the Analyser can only handle surveys which have max 200 questions, as otherwise it starts running too slow on older computers.
 For datasets exceeding 200 questions, you will need to manually generate the Analyser report. Simply export the dataset as a normal Excel file (not as the Analyser), then copy the entire data sheet into a blank version (attached below) of the Analyser (with the Move/Copy sheet function, not as a cell range) with a unique sheet name, and on the 'Config' sheet change the Data sheet name to whatever this unique name is. You will also probably have to convert all numbers saved as text back into numbers.
 To do this:

  1. First, switch sheet Calculation to Manual. Without this, the process can take hours as it recalculates the entire workbook between each individual conversion.
  2. Find the top-left-most cell that has a number saved as text, and select this cell and everything to the right and below it in your dataset.
  3. Go back to the top-left-most cell of the range you have now selected, click on the little comment flag next to it, and choose 'Convert to Number'.
  4. Switch Calculation back to Automatic.
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