Please note: Custom formatting does work on the KoBoCollect android application

When using web forms (Enketo) as your data collection method you have the option to format your question labels in several ways.

To format your note text use one of these options:

  • emphasize words by wrapping them inside _these_ or *these characters*
  • strongly emphasize words by wrapping them inside __these characters__ or **these**
  • a link can be added by using [a link](
  • This formatting will not work in KoBoCollect, which will just show the _ or * characters along with the text.

Combining text and media by 'combining' subsequent notes

You can already include an image, video, or audio file in your questions, be they notes or any other question type. (This works both in Web forms and in KoBoCollect.) But when using Web forms you can choose to show the image next to the text, for example, simply by adding two subsequent notes. To learn more about this process see this post.

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