In addition to text questions or responses, you can also include visual or audio media in your forms and have it play or display inside the questionnaire. This works both on the Android app as well as in Web forms (Enketo). For an example, please see this form.
 You can include images, videos or audio in your form. This requires exporting the file to the XLSForm format and then editing it in Excel.

  1. Start by creating small files that should be displayed and save them with short file names.
  2. Next, specify the media files you want to show in your XLS form (following the example in this form here).
  3. When you are done editing the form, go to New > Upload and upload your XLS form file.
  4. Finally, upload the media files to your deployed project through Project settings > Add document.

Note: Skipping the final step will mean that your form will be displayed without the media files. Make sure the media files are uploaded before downloading the form to your devices when using the Android app.

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