What are web forms?

Web Forms, also known as Enketo, are used by KoBoToolbox to preview your forms and to enter data directly on your computer. You can also use web forms for collecting data on your mobile devices - even if you're offline at the time of data collection. It works on virtually any device, including iPhones, iPads, or any other smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some features are still being actively developed for Enketo, so some special questions may not be fully supported yet on every device.

How do I use web forms for data collection?

In order to start collecting data, you need to first deploy your project. Once your project is deployed you will see the below screens with instructions on how to collect data. In the dropdown under Collect Data, you have several options available for Web Forms, depending on how you are planning to enter data.

Types of web forms

  • To start collecting data using web forms on your computer, choose the Online-Only option. This is especially useful for testing purposes, but also when transcribing data from using paper forms. Just select the item in the dropdown and then click Open to start entering data. 
  • To collect data on a mobile device in the field or any device that will not be constantly connected to the Internet, use the Offline-Online option.
  • To send the URL by email just click Copy and paste it into an email or social media message. 

To collect data using a mobile device, you need to copy the URL of your web form to your mobile device. You can simply send it by email or text message to any device. To obtain the URL of the web form, click either the "Copy" or "Open" buttons on the card.

Does Enketo work offline?

Enketo is also able to collect data while you are offline. However, it is essential to visit the URL once before going offline, and then saving it on the device (for example with a bookmark on the mobile browser).
Once your form has been fully loaded and cached, you'll see the offline availability icon (empty "signal bars" and a check mark) in the top-left corner indicating that you can access the form offline until your browser's data has been cleared:

Enketo will display your form afterward even without any Internet connectivity, and it will store and queue your data until you are online again.

Forwarding upon submission

By default the form refreshes for the next entry once the data has been submitted. If users are only supposed to enter one entry (e.g. in an online survey) you can send them to another website upon submission. To use this feature you need to 1) use the Online-Only form of the form, and 2) add ?returnURL=https://www.somewebsite.com to your URL.

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