When your form collects more than 1 image - or you are collecting tens of thousands of records -  you could face difficulties when attempting to generate the Media Attachments ZIP if you do not adjust the image quality settings before starting data collection. 

Open Camera is a 3rd party open-source application that can help you do this.


Install Open Camera from the Android Play Store.


In KoBoCollect, when you take a photo you will now be asked which app should be used by default: Choose Open Camera and select 'Always' so you are not asked again.

Open Camera

In the Open Camera settings, go to Photo Settings, then:

  1. Open Camera Resolution and choose the smallest acceptable resolution
  2. Open image quality and choose a percentage. 90% will still look almost perfect, below 50% the image will become harder to recognize. Start with 70% and test some images at different quality levels to find the lowest acceptable size.

This website provides an overview of how to estimate the optimal JPEG quality level.

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