Adding a question

Questions in your form can be added at any point by clicking on the '+' button that is below every question. Type in the name of your question, click 'Add Question'. Then, choose the response type that's applicable to your question.

Here is an overview of the different response types.

Deleting a question

You can remove a question at any point by clicking on the red trash can. You'll be asked to confirm before it is permanently deleted from your form.

Changing the order of your questions

All your questions and groups can be moved to any position in the form. Just drag-and-drop it from its current position to where you want it to go, even at the very beginning or very end of the form.

Changing question settings

To access advanced features for each question click on the Settings cog in the top-right corner of the question. Here you can modify further details of the question, such as skip logic, validating responses, setting question hints, making a question required, etc. More information on this is available in the respective sections for Question Options, Skip Logic, and Validation Criteria.

Adding questions to the library

In order to reuse a question in future forms, you can click on 'Add Question to Library'. It will be saved in your Question Library as a copy, meaning that you can make further changes to the original question in the form or even delete it, without affecting the copy that has been placed in the library. 

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