In addition to text questions or responses, you can also include visual or audio media in your forms and have it play or display inside the questionnaire. This works both on the Android app as well as in Web forms (Enketo). 

We are going to use the below example to demonstrate the steps.

To add images, videos or audio in your form, you need to make changes in Excel using the XLSForm format. 

Step 1: If you started your project by creating a new form on KoboCollect or the Web version, you need to export your form to the XLSForm format first.

Step 2: Create the media files and save them with short file names. 

Step 3: Open the downloaded XLS form and add media columns in both the survey and choices tabs. Depending on if you want the images to be paired with choices or just be displayed under the question, you can then add the image files in the survey or/and choices tabs. 

Note: The file names added to the XLS form must match the file names you gave to your images.

Step 4: Upload your XLS form file into the existing project or create a new project. If you preview the form after uploading the XLS form, you will not see the images because we have not uploaded those yet. 

Step 5: Deploy your form.

Step 6: Go to the Project Settings, then Media. There you can upload all image files referenced in your form.

Step 6: Once you uploaded all image files, you don't need to redeploy the project. You can go back to Form, Collect Data, and then click Open to check if the images are properly displayed. 

Note: Skipping the final step will mean that your form will be displayed without the media files. Make sure the media files are uploaded before downloading the form to your devices when using the Android app. 

Animated GIF files are not currently supported by Enketo or KoBoCollect.

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