You can create a new project in two different ways. When you click on the New button, your options are to either:

  • Start from Scratch
     Create a new form from scratch, using our Form Builder 
  • Upload XLS Form
    Import an existing form from an external file in the XLSForm format, for example when sharing form drafts between colleagues.

The Project List view shows all of the projects that have been created in, and shared with, your account. To open a project, just click on its title. In this view, you can also organize your projects (add project tags, archive, or delete), download a project's form, or clone the form to use in a new project.

Downloads are possible in two different formats:

  • XLS
     Allowing you to share it with others through the XLSForm format, or edit it in a spreadsheet program such as Excel
  • XML
     Allowing you to manually copy it to an Android device running KoBoCollect (not recommended - only for advanced users)
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