List of Question Types

Last updated: 6 Jan 2022

The below table provides a high-level summary of each of the response types available to use in your XLSForm and formbuilder:

Question type Icon Answer input
integer Integer (i.e., whole number) input.
decimal Decimal input.
range Range input (including rating).
text Free text response.
select_one [options] Multiple choice question; only one answer can be selected.
select_multiple [options] Multiple choice question; multiple answers can be selected.
select_one_from_file [file] Multiple choice from file; only one answer can be selected.
select_multiple_from_file [file] Multiple choice from file; multiple answers can be selected.
rank [options] n/a Rank question; order a list.
note Display a note on the screen, takes no input. Shorthand for type=text with readonly=true.
geopoint Collect a single GPS coordinate.
geotrace Record a line of two or more GPS coordinates.
geoshape Record a polygon of multiple GPS coordinates; the last point is the same as the first point.
date Date input.
time Time input.
dateTime Accepts a date and a time input.
image Take a picture or upload an image file.
audio Take an audio recording or upload an audio file.
background-audio Audio is recorded in the background while filling the form.
video Take a video recording or upload a video file.
file Generic file input (txt, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, rtf, zip)
barcode Scan a barcode, requires the barcode scanner app to be installed.
calculate Perform a calculation; see the Calculation section below.
acknowledge Acknowledge prompt that sets value to "OK" if selected.
hidden A field with no associated UI element which can be used to store a constant.
xml-external Adds a reference to an external XML data file.

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Addtional, KoBoToolBox-specific types can also be used from within the formbuilder:

Formbuilder Question type Icon Answer input
Rating Compare different items using a common scale.
Ranking Compare a list of different objects to one another.
Question Matrix Create a group of questions that display in a matrix format.

Calculate Questions are not displayed in your form, but are executed automatically as your form is being answered.

The Question Matrix Type is only supported in Enketo and with the Grid Theme set.