Signature Question Type

Some forms may require signatures to be included with them. You can use appearance “signature” on both KoboCollect and Enketo. The draw widget is only available when using Enketo for data collection.


Kobo Collect allows for a digital signature to be collected directly on the screen of the phone/tablet.

To add this to your form:

  1. Open or download the XLS version of your form.

  2. Create the question and set the type as “image”

  3. Set the appearance to “signature”


Digital signatures also work on Enketo web forms, where you have the additional option to use a draw widget to collect signatures. In your XLSForm just add “signature” or “draw” under the appearance column for an image-type question.

See the below example on how to add these to your form:


Follow this link to test the difference between the the draw and signature widgets.

Create a Signature question type in the Formbuilder

  1. Create a new question and select Photo as the question type.


  2. In the Settings under Question Options, click on the Appearance drop down and select Signature.