REST Services

Last updated: 7 Jul 2023

How to link your data to other servers or services using REST Services

KoboToolbox has a number of advanced features built in based on our open source libraries, which include useful add-ons for advanced use cases.

You can link your data collected with KoboToolbox to other servers or services you might own through REST Services. REST Services supports JSON or XML formats, and basic authentication. Moreover it’s possible to send only a subset of fields.

In case of a failure, the background task will retry 3 times to send the data (first time after 60 seconds, second time after 600 seconds, and third time after 6,000 seconds). Email notifications can be enabled to receive a failure report.

Note that your data is sent to the external server only on creation. Nothing is sent when data is edited.

Here are some tutorial videos for using REST Services:

  1. Creation


  2. Subset of fields (Fields are added by pressing “Enter” or “Tab”)

    Subset of fields

  3. Failure/Retry

    Failure / Retry

  4. Custom Wrapper (Only available with JSON format)

    Custom Wrapper