Overview on Data Collection Tools

KoBoToolbox allows data collection in multiple ways. Because KoBoToolbox is built on the Xform/ODK technology, our forms are compatible with a number of different tools that can be used for data collection.

For Android devices, we recommend using KoBoCollect app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed on any standard Android phone or tablet. (Note: Unfortunately, KoBoCollect app is currently unavailable on Apple App Store. )

For any other devices (including iPhones, iPads, or any laptop or computer), we recommend using the webform (Enketo) for collecting data.

A quick rundown on the differences between the two options

Based on your needs, you can either use KoBoCollect or the Web Forms.


Collecting data using KoBoCollect

After deploying a project, you can go to Form - Collect data, and then select the Android application.


For details on how to set up KoBoCollect on any Android devices, read this article.

Collecting Data using the Enketo Webform

To use the webform, after deploying a project, you can go to Form - Collect data, multiple options (online or offline, single or multiple submissions) are available. The default option is Online-Offline (multiple submission).


Web Forms, also known as Enketo, are used by KoBoToolbox to preview your forms and to enter data directly on your computer. But you can use web forms also for collecting data on your mobile devices - even if you’re offline at the time of data collection. Some features are still being actively developed for Enketo, so some special questions may not be fully supported yet on every device.

For details on how to use Web Forms (Enketo), read this article.