Exporting and Downloading Your Data

Last updated: 2 Jun 2020

Available download formats

You can download your data in multiple formats. As soon as any data has been collected, the following formats are available for download:

  • XLS (formatted spreadsheet)

  • XLS (legacy version)

  • CSV (comma separated values)

  • CSV (legacy version)

  • Media Attachments (a zip folder of your photos, videos, or sound recordings - if applicable)

  • KML (a file containing all the GPS points collected - if applicable)

  • Excel Analyser

  • SPSS Labels

XLS and CSV (non legacy) export types have additional, one-time options that allow you to chose the value and header format, decide whether or not to include groups in headers, and customize the group separator.


Process of downloading your data

  • After setting up the format and type of data, click the Export button.

  • Each new export can take a few seconds to be created and will be shown below in the Exports section of the page.

  • Each export is retained as a unique snapshot in the system, so it is possible to go back to previous non-deleted exports.


Solving exports stuck in pending state

If you have XLS exports stuck in the pending state:

  • Remove the stuck exports by clicking on the red trash can icon for each one.

  • Retry the exports by clicking the “New Export” button.

  • Please note that any export stuck in the “Pending” state for longer than an hour will likely never succeed; if you encounter such an export, please feel free to delete it and create a new export.

You should not have any trouble creating new exports from this point forward, but if you do, please don’t hesitate to let us know on the community forum.